Bienvenue aux Nations Unies

MINUJUSTH stands ready to support peaceful solutions, devised by Haitians, to find a way out of the political crisis

On 4 October, as part of a demonstration in front of MINUJUSTH's headquarters in Port-au-Prince, a delegation handed the mission a letter addressed to the United Nations Secretary-General. The document, signed by seven senators, three deputies, and two mayors, was delivered to the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Haiti, as well as to the office of the Secretary-General in New York.

MINUJUSTH is deeply concerned about the impact of the protracted political crisis on Haitians and is attentive to the demands of different sectors of society. The mission stands ready to support peaceful solutions, which only Haitian actors can devise, to resolve the current situation and alleviate the suffering of the population, in accordance with democratic standards and human rights principles.

The mission encourages state authorities, as well as all actors and citizens, to refrain from violence, ensure the normal functioning of schools, hospitals and emergency services, and allow humanitarian actors to assist the most vulnerable populations.