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Troop-Contributing Countries achieving gender parity targets


The below charts show the Troop-Contributing Countries (TCCs) achieving gender parity targets stipulated in the Uniformed Gender Parity Strategy, according to their contribution towards gender parity (share of women deployed in stated month), by category of deployment and size.


UN Military Experts on Mission and Staff Officers (UNMEMs + SOs)

2024 target  | 21% women deployed



2024 target   | 11% women deployed

Uniformed Personnel Deployed by Gender


A monthly breakdown of the number of male and female uniformed personnel working across our missions. Find out more about women in peacekeeping here.

How to use this chart: You could filter the data by mission. If you wish to view the data of one or multiple mission(s), you could deselect the all the available options (by default) by clicking on the square left to '(All)', the first option listed under all filters. Click on the option windows to collapse the dropdown menu. 

The data covers the Peacekeeping Missions and some Special Political Missions.



To download the data in as a spreadsheet (CSV format), click anywhere on the chart first, then click on 'download' and select 'crosstabs'. 

November 2019