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Service and sacrifice

Peacekeepers serving under the UN flag work in difficult and dangerous environments, risking their lives to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Since 1948, more than a million women and men have served as UN peacekeepers. Every day, they make a tangible difference in the lives of millions of the world’s most vulnerable people, and every day they save lives. In places like the Central African Republic and South Sudan, our peacekeepers protect civilians against violent attacks and support the delivery of crucial humanitarian assistance.

Secretary-General | 16 January 2018 
I thank our troop- and police-contributing countries for their generosity, and pay tribute to all personnel who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Peacekeeping is a unique force for good, with military and police personnel from over 120 countries serving together, alongside civilian colleagues. Our peacekeepers come from diverse cultures and speak different languages, but share a common purpose: the protection of vulnerable communities and the provision of support to countries struggling to move from conflict to peace. 

We ask peacekeepers and their families to make great sacrifices. They serve at great personal risk and in harsh conditions.

Tragically some make the ultimate sacrifice - over 3,500 peacekeepers have lost their lives in the cause of peace.

Watch and see how peacekeepers serve local communities around the world

Service and Sacrifice: United Nations Peacekeeping


Who contributes troops and police to peacekeeping?

Peacekeeping is a global partnership; it is the commitment of our Troop and Police Contributing Countries that allows peacekeeping to happen. The map below shows the countries who contribute. You can find out much more information, for example which missions they are deployed to in our data section.

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Get to know the contributors

In the run up to the International Day of UN Peacekeepers on 29 May 2019, we are shining a spotlight on some of the countries that contribute uniformed peacekeepers to our operations.



UN News feature: Peacekeeping - A “great opportunity” to develop professionally and personally



A senior commander from Argentina, who has been deployed to the United Nations peacekeeping mission on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, has said that serving the UN is a “great opportunity” to develop professionally and personally.                                                                                      

In numbers: Argentine peacekeepers deploy to six missions



UN News Feature: Bangladesh - three decades of service and sacrifice in UN peacekeeping

Bangladesh is one of the largest contributors to UN peacekeeping operations. The South Asian nation first deployed uniformed personnel to serve with the Organization in 1988 when they were deployed to help monitor the armistice between Iran and Iraq. Over the past three decades, the contributions of these brave men and women in the countries in which they serve have been immense.




UN Radio: Interview with Major General Humayun of Bangladesh, Commander of the peacekeeping Force in Cyprus


It is "virtually impossible" to fully serve and protect civilians who rely on UN peacekeeping missions around the world without the participation of women within the ranks. That's the firm view of Major General Mohammad Humayun Kabir of Bangladesh, Commander of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, which goes by the acronym UNFICYP. The full interview can be listened to here.





Video: Bangladeshi peacekeepers deliver critical medical aid to remote communities

Bangladeshi UN Peacekeepers Deliver Critical Medical Aid to Remote Communities

In numbers: Bangladeshi peacekeepers deploy to ten missions


UN audio: General Elias Martins, new commander of the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo



Interview with General Elias Martins, new commander of the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo


In numbers: Brazilian peacekeepers deploy to nine missions

Burkina Faso

UN news feature: Burkina Faso - a partner for peace in hot spots in Africa and elsewhere



Farewell ceremony in honour of six Burkinabe peacekeepers from MINUSMA who died during an ambush on the Goundam-Tombouctou axis, in Mali, in July 2015.       

UN news feature:Burkina Faso peacekeepers saving lives in Mali



This morning Burkinabe peacekeepers are getting ready for their daily tasks protecting civilians and United Nations personnel, installations and equipment in Timbuktu, north of Mali.  

UN Videos: A police peacekeeper from Burkina Faso empowers women in CAR

In numbers:  Burkinabe peacekeepers deploy to six missions


In numbers: Cambodian peacekeepers deploy to six missions




UN News Feature: Meet Gladys Nkeh, a UN police officer in the Central African Republic

Gladys Ngwepekeum Nkeh is a United Nations police officer from Cameroon, one of some 12,870 uniformed personnel working with the UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic. Earlier this year, the officer and her team went to a school – Ecole des 136 villas – in Bangui looking for a young girl who she found out from community leaders had been raped and became pregnant.




Video: A UN police officer from Cameroon empowers women & girls

Service and Sacrifice: Cameroonian peacekeeper empowering women and girls

In numbers: Cameroonian peacekeepers deploy to five missions








UN News Feature: Chadian peacekeepers on a UN mission for peace in Mali

As Tahir and his fellow Chadian peacekeepers set out on their daily patrol through the dusty streets of Kidal, in northern Mali, the question he faces is always the same – will he and his team return safely to the United Nations base?  The UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, known by its French acronym MINUSMA, has become one of the most dangerous peace operations in the Organization's history. 



Video: Chadian peacekeeepers saving lives for peace

Chadian Peacekeepers saving lives in Mali

In numbers: Chadian peacekeepers deploy to three missions





UN video: Chinese peacekeepers

UN video: UN China Video Message - International Day of UN Peacekeepers

In numbers: Chinese peacekeepers deploy to nine missions


UN video:Egyptian Peacekeepers

UN news feature: Egypt’s service to UN peacekeeping over the decades


Egyptian peacekeepers with UNAMID distribute water and flour to the local population in Um Kadada (North Darfur) in September 2011.                                                                                                       

In numbers:  Egyptian peacekeepers deploy to six missions

El Salvador 

UN Video: Thank you El Salvador

Thank you El Salvador: UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

In numbers: Salvadoran peacekeepers deploy to six peacekeeping operations



UN News feature: Ethiopia: A leading contributor to UN peacekeeping efforts


From the early days of UN peacekeeping to some of today’s most vital operations, Ethiopian men and women have played an important role in the Organization’s efforts to advance peace in the world’s hot spots. The country’s participation in UN-authorised operations dates back to 1951, as part of the UN multinational force in the Korean War.

UN video: Peacekeepers from Ethiopia protecting communities in South Sudan

In numbers:  Ethiopian peacekeepers deploy to four missions


In numbers:  French peacekeepers deploy to six missions


UN Video: Thank you Germany - UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

In numbers: German peacekeepers deploy to seven missions


UN News feature: For Ghana, UN peacekeeping is a ‘noble opportunity to serve humanity’


Ghanaian men and women have served as United Nations peacekeepers since the early 1970s, participating in operations that stretched from the Sinai to the African continent. The West African Nations is now among the top  10 contributors to UN peacekeeping, with nearly 3,000 personnel serving on eight missions.   

UN Photo story: Honouring Ghana’s service to UN peacekeeping


Ghana first deployed troops as part of a UN peacekeeping operation set up to help restore calm and order in the then Republic of Congo (ONUC). Pictured here are Ghanaian police on duty in Leopoldville in August  1960.



UN Video: Thank you Ghana - UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

In numbers: Ghanaian peacekeepers deploy to nine missions


UN News feature: Service and Sacrifice - Guinean peacekeepers make their mark in Mali


As the sun rises over Mali’s vast desert, a group of 20 peacekeepers prepare their equipment and line up to receive instructions before heading out for their first patrol of the day on one of the most dangerous roads in the region.

UN Video: Thank you Guinea: UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

In numbers: Guinean peacekeepers deploy to seven missions


UN video:Service and Sacrifice - Peacekeepers from India

UN news features: India and the UN: Celebrating 70 years of invaluable service to the cause of peace


From protecting civilians, disarming ex-combatants and helping countries transition from conflict to peace, Indian men and women in uniform have served the cause of peace from the earliest years of United Nations peacekeeping and continue to do so in some of the most challenging missions.



India: A long and deep tradition of contributing to UN peacekeeping


India has a long tradition of sending women on UN peacekeeping missions. In 1960, women serving in the Indian Armed Forces Medical Services were interviewed by UN Radio before being deployed to the Republic of the Congo.





In numbers: Indian peacekeepers deploy to nine mission





In numbers:  Indonesian peacekeepers deploy to nine missions


UN Video: Thank you Ireland - UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

UN Audio: Irish forces in Golan ‘well trained to deal with challenging situations’


Irish military personnel serving under the UN flag in the Golan have been “well trained to deal with challenging situations,” according to the head of the contingent there.

There are 130 Irish nationals, including seven women, currently deployed to the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF); a UN peacekeeping mission which was established in 1974 to monitor a ceasefire between Israel and Syria.

In numbers: Irish peacekeepers deploy to six missions


UN video:Italian peacekeepers serving for peace in Lebanon

In numbers:  Italian peacekeepers deploy to four missions


In numbers: Jordanian peacekeepers deploy to seven missions



UN news feature: Kenya: A key supporter of UN peace operations


A Kenyan police officer serving with the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) stands at attention for the national anthem during an awards ceremony at Camp Clara, in Monrovia, in May 2014. 

In numbers: Kenyan peacekeepers deploy to six missions


UN News feature:  Service and Sacrifice - Malaysian peacekeepers in Lebanon proud to serve their homeland and the United Nations

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Peacekeepers from Malaysia serving under the United Nations flag in Lebanon face “a totally new experience” according to the commander of the Malaysian contingent in the country.

In numbers: Malaysian peacekeepers deploy to five missions


UN news feature: Malawi: Serving in some of Africa’s most challenging locations



Malawi first contributed troops to UN peacekeeping in 1994. Today, it has over 900 uniformed personnel across several missions in Africa, including in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (pictured).

UN video: Malawian peacekeepers serving in the DR Congo

In numbers: Malawian peacekeepers deploy to four missions




UN News feature: Mongolia continues to strengthen its contribution to UN peacekeeping



Mongolia first joined United Nations peacekeeping in 2002 with the deployment of two unarmed military observers to the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara.  Soon after that, it sent two more officers to the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Since then, Mongolia has continued to expand its contributions to UN peace operations in hot spots around the world.                       


In numbers: Mongolian peacekeepers deploy to five missions


In numbers: Moroccan peacekeepers deploy to two missions


UN video: Thank you Nepal

UN News Feature: Nepal - Over six decades of service with UN peacekeeping


The service of Nepalese men and women has not come without enormous sacrifice – 76 of them have lost their lives serving under the UN flag over the past six decades. Nepalese peacekeepers serving with the UN Operation in Burundi are seen here arriving in the town of Isale to check on security and the local population in December 2004.


UN News Story: Service and Sacrifice: UN peacekeeping assignment ‘lifetime opportunity’ for Nepalese doctor


For over six decades, Nepalese women and men have served around the world as United Nations peacekeepers. The South Asian nation is currently the fifth largest contributor to UN peacekeeping, with over 5,700 personnel serving in more than a dozen countries. They protect vulnerable communities and support countries working to move from conflict to peace, doing so at great personal risk and in harsh conditions.

In numbers: Nepalese peacekeepers deploy to eleven missions





UN Video: The Netherlands contributing to peace in Mali

In numbers:  Dutch peacekeepers deploy to five missions



UN news feature: Partnering with the UN to help countries transition from conflict to peace




There are just over 1,000 uniformed personnel from Niger currently serving in UN peacekeeping operations in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Haiti and Mali. 

Medical care to civilians is among the many contributions peacekeepers make in the communities where they are deployed. A medic from MINUSMA’s Nigerien contingent provides free medical care in Gao. (May 2014)


In numbers: Nigerien peacekeepers deploy to four missions




UN News Feature: Honouring Nigeria’s contribution to UN peacekeeping

Since the 1960s, Nigeria has been a major contributor of troops and police to United Nations peace operations, having served in dozens of missions. Most recently, Nigerian troops were the military backbone of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), from 2003-2018, helping to restore security throughout a country that had undergone a brutal civil war.



Video: Nigerian peacekeepers prepare to leave Liberia ahead of the closure of the UN Mission

In numbers: Nigerian peacekeepers deploy to eight missions




UN News feature: Pakistan: One of the longest-serving and largest contributors to UN peacekeeping


Pakistan has a long history with UN peacekeeping, having been one of the largest contributors of troops and police for decades.                                                                                                               

UN Video:Pakistan's Peacekeepers Leave a Legacy of Peace in Liberia

In numbers:  Pakistani peacekeepers deploy to seven missions

Republic of Korea

UN news feature: Building a future for South Sudan

South Sudan, a country the size of France, has just over 200 kilometres of tarmac roads. In 2011, when South Sudan gained independence, it also inherited one of the worst transport infrastructures in the world. During the rainy season roads are often impassable.




In numbers: Korean peacekeepers deploy to six missions




UN news feature: Service born from sacrifice: Rwanda’s commitment to UN peacekeeping


Over the years, African governments have led the way in contributing troops and police to United Nations operations to help save lives and keep the peace around the world. Today, one of the continent’s smallest countries is also one of the largest contributors to UN peacekeeping.

Rwanda: Working with the UN to help save lives in the world’s trouble spots


Rwanda began with a modest contribution in May 2005 with the deployment of one military observer to the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS). Seen here is the arrival in October 2010 of 89 Rwandan policewomen to the Darfur region of Sudan to serve with UNAMID.

In numbers:  Rwandese peacekeepers deploy to five missions





UN News feature: Peacekeeper Captain Mbaye Diagne died after saving hundreds of Rwandans from the genocide

                                                                                Captain Diagne, of Senegal risked his life time to save hundreds people during the genocide in Rwanda. The UN honoured his courage with the inaugural 'Captain Mbaye Diagne Medal for Exceptional Courage.



Video: Widow and children of Captain Diagne share their stories

UN Hero Honoured


In numbers: Senegal provides over 3,000 military and police officers


UN News feature: Swedish women take on tough UN peacekeeping missions




In 2018, 25 women were deployed to Mali in a battalion of 252 Swedish military personnel. Here a Swedish peacekeeper is on patrol in Timbuktu in the north of the West African country.

UN Video: Thank you Sweden - UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

In Numbers: Swedish peacekeepers deploy to nine missions


UN news feature: Tanzania’s unwavering commitment to UN peacekeeping


More than 2,600 Tanzanian military and police personnel currently serve in six UN operations, performing a range of vital tasks such as protecting civilians and community policing.  



In numbers:  Tanzanian peacekeepers deploy to six missions


UN news feature: Small nation, big contribution: Togolese peacekeepers’ service and sacrifice vital to UN peace operations



A Togolese soldier during a daily patrol in Menaka, northern Mali. Regular patrols like this support MINUSMA’s efforts to protect civilians, as mandated by the Security Council.

UN audio: A Togolese Blue Helmet in the service of peace (In French)




A Togolese Blue Helmet in the service of peace

In numbers: Togolese peacekeepers deploy to seven missions




UN News Audio Feature: Interview with peacekeeper Khaled Karoui about his heroic action in the Central African Republic

                           Audio interview in Arabic with Tunisian peacekeeper Khaled Karoui about his service in the Central African Republic

In numbers: Tunisian peacekeepers deploy to three missions


UN News: Ugandan 'Blue Helmets' support UN efforts to bring peace to Somalia


A contingent of 530 Ugandan “Blue Helmets” is playing a crucial role in the United Nations’ efforts to help bring peace and stability to Somalia. They make up the United Nations Guard Unit,  that is tasked with protecting UN compounds in Mogadishu. 

In numbers: Ugandan peacekeepers deploy to three peace operations


United Kingdom



UN News Feature: British commander serves as role model for young women


Lieutenant Colonel Katie Hislop of the United Kingdom said she was happy to serve as a role model for young women considering a career with the armed forces. The mother of two was the only woman to head a military contingent at the UN Mission in South Sudan.





British Soldiers Receive Medals of Honour for Commitment and Service to The People of South Sudan



Making some sort of positive difference is what serving as a UN peacekeeper is all about, Lieutenant Nick Lytollis reckons.

In numbers: British peacekeepers deploy to four peacekeeping operations*

*UNFICYP, UNMISS, MINUSMA, MONUSCO. UK also contributes personnel to four other peace operations.


Video: Uruguayan peacekeeper serving with the UN mission in the DR Congo

Service and Sacrifice: Uruguay’s Peacekeepers in the DRC

UN News Feature


Uruguay has been helping the UN to keep the peace for nearly 70 years. Uruguay’s largest contingent, with more than 900 peacekeepers, is with the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO).



In numbers


In numbers: Zambian peacekeepers deploy to five missions