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Media contacts

Contact the Strategic Communications team of UN Peacekeeping for media queries

We will do our best to answer your enquiry soonest possible. We are located at UN Headquarters, New York (+5 GMT). All mobile phones available on whatsapp.

Nick Birnback (Mr.)
Chief, Strategic Communications
E: birnbackn@un.org

Aditya Mehta (Mr.)
Deputy, Strategic Communications
P: +1 917-367-5378
M: +1 917-775-4249
E: mehta2@un.org


Hector Calderon (Mr.)
Public Information Officer
P: +1 917-834-3100
E: hector.calderon@un.org

Stéphanie Coutrix (Ms.)
Public Information Officer (en français)
P: +1 917-367-2569
M: +1 646-960-2741
E: coutrix@un.org