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UNTSO Fact sheet

United Nations Truce Supervision Organization
Middle East
Government House, Jerusalem
Established: May 1948
Local time:
21 May 2024 - 05:05 IDT

Helping to bring stability in the Middle East

Set up in May 1948, UNTSO was the first ever peacekeeping operation established by the United Nations. Since then, UNTSO military observers have remained in the Middle East to monitor ceasefires, supervise armistice agreements, prevent isolated incidents from escalating and assist other UN peacekeeping operations in the region to fulfil their respective mandates.



UNTSO personnel have also been available at short notice to form the nucleus of some other peacekeeping operations worldwide. The ability of UNTSO's military observers to deploy almost immediately after the Security Council has authorized  a new mission, has been a significant factor in the success of those operations.


Contributing countries
The top ten troop and police contributing countries to the mission are listed below. You can view a full list of countries contributing to all missions on the troop and police contributors page

To download the data in as a spreadsheet (CSV format), click anywhere on the chart first, then click on 'download' and select 'crosstabs'. 


Method of financing: UNTSO is funded through the UN regular budget.

Approved budget: (01/2021–12/2021): $36.501 million (A/75/6 (Sect. 5))



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