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Operational support

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The effectiveness of peace operations always depends on the operational support it receives.

The Department of Operational Support (DOS) helps peace operations succeed by providing support solutions that are rapid, effective, efficient and responsible. It works together with UN and non-UN partners to plan, mobilize and sustain 35 peacekeeping, special political and other field missions in the world’s most complex environments. 

Today, DOS helps administer a combined annual budget of over $7 billion, 131,000 authorized uniformed personnel and 24,000 authorized civilian staff in over 270 duty stations across more than 30 countries. The services it provides range from budget, finance, human resources and technology to the management of supply chains, facilities and assets. It also supports UN efforts in response to all forms of misconduct by mission personnel.


The full spectrum of field work

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Budget and finance

  • Budget development and  reporting
  • Payment and claims processing
  • Trust fund management


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Human resources

  • Recruitment
  • Roster management
  • Post management
  • Entitlements and benefits

Uniformed personnel

  • Troop deployment / rotation
  • Troop reimbursements
  • Death and disability claims

Contingent-owned equipment

  • MOU administration
  • COE verification
  • COE reimbursements

Air transportation

  • Air transport and movement control
  • Aviation safety
  • LOA management

Ground and naval transport

  • Ground transport
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Naval transport

Asset management

  • Procurement support
  • Systems contract management
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Strategic deployment stocks

Engineering and property management

  • Office accommodation
  • Living accommodation
  • Camp facilities
  • Construction services

Power generation / Fuel

  • Power generation / supply
  • Fuel management


  • Water supply
  • Waste management

Communication technology

  • VSAT/HF/VHF infrastructure
  • Telecom services



Information technology

  • IT hardware / infrastructure
  • Applications and solutions
  • Geo information services
  • User support

Catering services and rations

  • Catering
  • Rations management

Medical services

  • Medical services  and supplies

Strategic management

  • Strategy, policy, and communication
  • Planning
  • Performance and analytics
  • Member State interaction

Oversight and risk

  • Audit management
  • Risk management
  • Conduct and discipline
  • Boards of Inquiry