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Secretary-General Statements

11 Jul 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
685061banpresser.jpg Ladies and Gentlemen,
10 Jul 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
 am shocked and appalled by the heavy fighting that is currently taking place in Juba. I strongly urge President Kiir and First Vice-President Riek Machar to do everything within their power to de-escalate the hostilities immediately and to order their respective forces to disengage and withdraw to their bases. This senseless violence is unacceptable and has the potential of reversing the progress made so far in the peace process.
8 Jul 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
I am deeply alarmed by the ongoing fighting in Juba between soldiers of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the SPLA in Opposition. This outbreak of hostilities in the capital, on the eve of the country's fifth anniversary of independence, is yet another illustration of the parties’ lack of serious commitment to the peace process and represents a new betrayal of the people of South Sudan, who have suffered from unfathomable atrocities since December 2013.
19 May 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
Today we join together in this solemn ceremony to honour the memory of the 129 men and woman who lost their lives last year while serving under the United Nations flag. These brave personnel came from 50 countries. They were international and national. They were military and police. They were civilians and UN Volunteers. They served in different jobs – but they held fast to the same universal values. Some were killed in malicious attacks. Others died in accidents. Still others fell to disease. They were all heroes and heroines who we will never forget.
19 May 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
We are here on a historic occasion: the inaugural Captain Mbaye Diagne Medal ceremony. I am pleased to see so many representatives of Member States and UN staff, including the Force Commanders of all of our peacekeeping operations. Thank you for your participation and commitment. During nearly 70 years of UN peacekeeping, more than one million men and women have deployed under our blue flag. The overwhelming majority served with great distinction and honour.
19 May 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
Today, we gather at this memorial site to lay a wreath to honour the brave men and women who died while serving under the United Nations Flag. Last year, 129 peacekeepers from 50 countries lost their lives due to malicious acts, accidents and disease. It was the 12th time in the last 13 years that more than 100 Blue Helmets fell in one year. The tragic total since 1948 is nearly 3,500. Please join me in a moment of silence in tribute to their bravery. Thank you.
11 Apr 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
It is a pleasure to be with you.  I want to thank the Republic of Korea, Norway, Ethiopia and IPI for organizing today’s discussions. I thank all of you for coming together to focus on how to ensure that the United Nations is well placed to address the peace and security challenges of today and tomorrow. There is a collective sense that our toolbox has not kept pace with the emerging and increasingly complex challenges we face in peace and security.
31 Mar 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
I am shocked to the core by the latest allegations of abuse by international forces in the Central African Republic. Our focus must be on the victims and their families. We are talking about women and young children who have been traumatized in the worst imaginable way.
30 Mar 2016 | Stockholm, Sweden
I thank the Government and people of Sweden for a very warm welcome. It is a singular honour to be in this magnificent and legendary City Hall … among this most distinguished audience ... to deliver a lecture named for a towering hero of humanity. Dag Hammarskjöld was Swede through and through, but he also belonged to the world. I feel both privileged and humbled to be serving in the role he once filled so masterfully.
10 Mar 2016 | UN Headquarters, New York
Thank you for this opportunity to brief you on important steps being taken and measures being put in place to end the exploitation and abuse of vulnerable people by United Nations personnel sent to protect them.  For many people caught up in poverty and conflict around the world, the United Nations represents their final hope for a better future. When sexual exploitation and abuse are perpetrated on these individuals by the United Nations personnel authorised to protect them, it further victimizes and violates them and inflicts untold harm on already fragile communities.