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Secretary-General Statements

29 May 2013
Please join me in observing a moment of silence in honour of all peacekeeping officers who have lost their lives while serving the United Nations. Thank you. Today we honour the 111 heroes who died last year while serving under the United Nations flag. We also pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 others who have fallen in the line of duty since the first peacekeepers deployed 65 years ago. I offer my deepest sympathies and profoundest condolences to their families.  We are working hard to improve safety for our personnel around the world.
21 Jan 2013
We are honoured to have the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan here to preside over this important debate and we thank you for this initiative. Pakistan is the single largest troop contributor to United Nations peacekeeping. Its personnel are working courageously every day under the UN blue flag to bring peace to troubled areas.
25 Jun 2012
Good morning. This is my ninth report on the protection of civilians in armed conflict. Its essential thrust is clear: Too many people are dying, in too many places. Sometimes they are caught in the crossfire; frequently they are targeted. They are the innocent victims of attacks on their communities and, often, places that rightly should be sanctuaries — hospitals and schools, places of worship.
29 May 2012 | UN Headquarters, New York
I am honoured to pay tribute today to the memory of the 112 peacekeepers who died while serving the United Nations in 2011. Sadly, this marks the fourth year in a row that more than 100 peacekeepers lost their lives in the line of duty. I offer my heartfelt condolences to their families, friends and countries. You in this room represent the governments that contribute these forces – and bear the losses. I am deeply grateful to you for engaging in this global partnership.
22 Mar 2012 | Port Dickson, Malaysia
  Thank you for welcoming me here. And what a special honour it is to be speaking to you today in the new Ban Ki-moon Auditorium in this training centre. I thank you very much! I understand that, at many institutions, large halls such as this are often called “the multi-purpose room.” That certainly describes my role as UN Secretary-General. And it certainly describes very well the responsibilities placed on you as United Nations peacekeepers.
21 Mar 2012 |  Jakarta, Indonesia
    Good morning. Selamat pagi. Let me begin by thanking the organizers for bringing us together. Rarely do I have the opportunity to meet with such a distinguished group of people and prominent group of international security experts. You are important partners of the United Nations, and I welcome this chance to deepen our ties. I think we can all agree: the past year has been remarkable to all of us in the international community.
20 Mar 2012 | Sentul, Indonesia
9 Nov 2011
Your Excellency Mr. Cavaco Silva, President of Portugal, Distinguished Members of the Council, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank Portugal for convening today's debate on the protection of civilians.   I very much welcome the presence here today of His Excellency President Cavaco Silva –a clear sign of the commitment of Portugal to this very important issue.   All of us share a fundamental responsibility to do more to protect civilians caught up in the horrors of war.  
2 Feb 2011
Mr. Vice-Chancellor, Excellencies and distinguished guests, Dear faculty members, dear students, Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you, Mr. Vice-Chancellor, for your very kind introduction and for this invitation. I am honored to have this opportunity after my distinguished predecessors, as fourth United Nations Secretary-General to speak before you in this very esteemed and one of the oldest universities. It is an honor to be part of the Oxford community, if only for a day.