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The World Health Organization (WHO) is working closely with global experts, governments and partners to rapidly expand scientific knowledge on this new virus, to track the spread and virulence, and to provide advice to countries and individuals on measures to protect health and prevent the spread of this outbreak.

The Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Operational Support, including the Division of Healthcare Management and Occupational Safety and Health, are carefully reviewing all troop and police rotations scheduled over the coming six months. Some countries have been asked to delay rotations by three months to maintain operational strength and execute their mandated tasks.

In the meantime, peacekeeping missions are putting in place a series of mitigation measures to promote the safety, security and health of all UN personnel while maintaining continuity of operations. Leadership is in regular contact with troop- and police- contributing countries and working closely with the Department of Operational Support, the Office of Military Affairs and the Police Division to monitor the situation and advise governments according to the latest developments.

What are the UN travel arrangements for UN Staff travelling to/from Missions in the field?

Although per guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) there are currently no formal restrictions on travel for UN Secretariat staff, whether for official business, entitlements or recruitments/deployments, managers and individual staff have been requested to evaluate the criticality of all proposed travel arrangements, weighed against the risks to the traveler for any travel to or from meetings in affected areas experiencing ongoing transmission of COVID-19. These risks include those posed by both medical issues and evolving travel/border restrictions enacted by Member States.

UN Peacekeeping missions have similarly been requested to carefully assess the critically of all current and planned travel arrangements. All non-essential travel should be postponed or cancelled, and any future travel arrangements should be reviewed for criticality.

UN guidance and coverage on COVID-19

The latest developments related to this global health emergency are available on a dedicated UN website, through UN News and from WHO.

UN Peacekeeping missions in the field have reoriented their community outreach to address the new challenges posed by the pandemic.

UN Peacekeeping guidance on COVID-19 

In response to the global pandemic, the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI) has prepared operational guidance to support mitigating the spread of COVID-19. 

Addressing COVID-19 requires critical preparedness and a coordinated response, particularly in prisons. The Justice and Corrections Service has developed practical guidance and operational tools including an Operational Toolbox: COVID-19 Preparedness & Response in Places of Detention, together with UNITAR, which provides communication tools composed of clear and concise information and visuals for direct use by prison administrators and staff to mitigate and address COVID-19 in prisons, guidance on the immediate measures required to decongest prisons and guidance to help ensure access to justice through remote alternatives and court hearings during and after outbreak.  

The UN Police (UNPOL) has outlined procedures to be followed by personnel in their daily operations during or in anticipation of the COVID-19 pandemic in their host communities. UNPOL has also provided a synopsis of the factors that a police agency must consider when writing plans to address operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Gender Unit of DPO, in consultation with field missions, has developed an analysis on COVID-19 and Women, Peace and Security (WPS), and collects examples of how our missions are re-orienting the implementation of the WPS mandate in light of the pandemic.

Global features

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UNFICYP highlights the concerns of women amidst the health crisis

MINUSMA: Local radio stations in Timbuktu received COVID-19 protection kits 

MINUSMA provides support to Malian forces in fight against COVID-19 

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MINUSCA: Material support for the Bambari Crisis Committee

MINUSCA: Community violence reduction project invests in pandemic prevention in Bangassou 

MINUSCA: Sensitizing parents to protect children from COVID-19

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UNMIK: Out of the box thinking on human rights issues during the COVID-19 pandemic

UNMIK: Standing with Kosovo: UNMIK delivers food and hygiene packages to all municipalities in Kosovo

UNMIK: Personal and political agendas must be put aside in order to save lives, SRSG Tanin tells Security Council

MONUSCO encourages Congolese police to respect human rights during interventions 

MONUSCO: In Kananga, Mototaxis drivers engage in the fight against the spread of Coronavirus 

MONUSCO initiates the creation of local protection committees in Mahagi 

MONUSCO delivers food to detainees in Kananga central prison 

MONUSCO supports local masks-production initiatives against Coronavirus

UNMISS: Women peacekeepers in Bentiu continue efforts to protect civilians

UNMISS hands over locally produced masks to Protection of Civilians site in Wau

UNMISS: Individuals and institutions in Bor join UNMISS mobile COVID-19 awareness campaign

UNMISS peacekeepers educate local communities, bust myths about COVID-19 in Koch, South Sudan

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