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Press conference on COVID-19 response by UN Peacekeeping

The Department of Peace Operations, together with the Department of Operational Support, held its first virtual press conference on 13 April on UN Peacekeeping's response to COVID-19.
Start date: 
Monday, April 13, 2020
End date: 
Monday, April 13, 2020
Event location: 


The recording of the press briefing can be accessed via WebTV here.


First lines of opening statements:

USG Khare

Thank you for the opportunity to brief you with Jean-Pierre with whose department we closely work together with, as always. My Department, the Department of Operational Support has been supporting field capacities as a priority. Our priorities are the following. First, we do everything possible to not introduce or not further spread the virus in the country support. Second, we control the spread of the virus among our personnel. Third, we provide necessary treatment to personnel who may contract it. Finally, within our mandates and capacities we try to provide assistance to the countries where our peacekeeping missions are located.

USG Lacroix

I would like to highlight that these actions that we are carrying to combat COVID-19 in the UN and peacekeeping missions is very much a partnership and USG Khare has spoken to you about a number of activities that are critical in that respect. I wanted to highlight how important and how confident and effective this partnership is. A practical manifestation of that partnership is the support group that has been formed with our colleagues from the Department of Peace Operations, Department of Peacebuilding and Political Affairs, and the Department of Operational Support. We are working on a number of critical issues, such as medical support, contingency planning, and rotation communication.