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30 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
“20 YEARS AFTER UN SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 1325: LEADERSHIP AND CONCRETE ACTION TO REALIZE THE WOMEN, PEACE AND SECURITY AGENDA” I send my warmest greetings to this High-Level Event. Over the two decades since Security Council Resolution 1325, there have been notable achievements on women, peace and security. But progress is too slow, too narrow, and too easy to reverse.
29 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
[scroll down for French version] Thank you, Mr. President. Excellencies, I thank you for this opportunity to brief you on Women, Peace and Security, twenty years after the landmark Security Council resolution 1325.  The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest test the international community has faced since the Second World War. In March, I appealed for an immediate global ceasefire so that we could focus on our common enemy: the COVID-19 virus. I built on this call in my address to the General Assembly last month.
22 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
Remarks by Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, on Sudan and South Sudan. Watch on UN Web TV
16 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
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14 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
The Secretary-General welcomes the launch today of discussions on the delineation of the Lebanon-Israel maritime boundary, following the framework agreement announced on 1 October 2020.    The United Nations through its representatives is fully committed to supporting the parties in the discussions, as requested by them, as they work towards a final agreed outcome.  Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General 
8 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
[scroll down for French] Excellencies, colleagues and friends, Today, I have the honor of meeting – albeit remotely – four formidable women leaders who strive for peace in their regions and countries. Thank you for joining us as we mark both the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and 20 years since the adoption of Security Council Resolution 1325 that Melissa has referred.  That resolution was a landmark -- a ground-breaking step spearheaded by the women’s movement and women leaders. 
8 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
Indeed I wanted to launch a call to action, and to call on Governments, on the United Nations system - because it starts by us all and the way we behave - on Regional Organizations, African Union, European Union, many others, Civil Society Organizations, academia, and the wider international community to take bold actions to translate commitments into reality.  To prioritize women’s leadership. To invest in community-based women’s networks as equal partners.  To embrace evidence-based decision-making through a gender data revolution. 
6 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
The Secretary-General is concerned by the announcement made today on the opening of the beach/coast line of Varosha. He recalls that the position of the United Nations on Varosha remains unchanged and is guided by relevant Security Council resolutions.  
3 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
The signing of the Juba Peace Agreement signals the dawn of a new era for the people of Sudan. It is a milestone on the road to achieving sustainable peace and inclusive development.   I commend the signatories for working towards the common objective of peace, despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. I also commend the Government of South Sudan for its role in facilitating the negotiations during these challenging circumstances.
1 Oct 2020 | UN Headquarters
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