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A U.S delegation visits MINURSO and held talks with senior officials

U.S delegation visits MINURSO

A U.S delegation comprising military and civilian officials namely: Col.  Kenneth Gjone (USAF) (Defense Attache’, US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco); Cdr. (US N.) Jalal Khan (Navy Attache’, US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco); Mrs. Coleen Quinn  (Political Counsellor, US Embassy Rabat, Morocco); Master-Sgt (US. AF.) and Curtis Alan Lasher (Maintenance Technician, attached to the Defense Attache’ office, US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco) conducted a visit to MINURSO from 06 to 08 November 2019 and held meetings  particularly  with SRSG and Head of MINssion Colin Stewart and FC  Major General Zia Ur Rehman.