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UNMISS hands over community police station to Makuac community near Kuajok

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has handed over a community police office to the authorities of Makuac in Aguok North County near Kuajok.

“This police station was supposed to be constructed by the government but now UNMISS has built it for us instead,” said Akol Deng Dut, a grateful resident of Makuac, upon seeing the first ever law enforcement structure in the area.

The idea of delivering a police station to the local authorities was conceived to mitigate an ongoing conflict between the Aguok and Apuk communities. It is expected to provide security and encourage the return of displaced persons to their homes.

The facilities, valued at approximately 50,000 dollars, were financed by UNMISS and built by the Community Initiative for Development Agency, also known as CIDA.