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Unity state calls for children to be sent to school

Unity state calls for children to be sent to school

The Day of the African Child was celebrated together with two thousand children from Dingding Primary School in Rubkona County, Northern Liech state. The event was organized by the UNMISS Communication and Public Information Section in collaboration with the Relief, Reintegration and Protection section.

UNMISS representative, Thomas Mtais called on parents to send their children to school adding that children are the future leaders of tomorrow.

“We are gathered here to commemorate an important day for every child and for this reason, I appeal to parents to respect a child’s right to go to school so that tomorrow they can be part of the nation building. Education is a right; it is not just an opportunity. Parents please send your children to school.”

Mtais added, “Let’s give all the support we can to our children so that they will be part of the leadership tomorrow.”

Community representative, Stephen Makuech thanked UNMISS for organizing the day and he called on everyone to respect the rights of children.

“This day is very important for us as parents and we are very happy about it. It is our duty to provide support to our children and we will make sure the rights of our children are respected,” said Makuech.

Makuech explained, “It is the duty of parents to send their children to school and take them to health facilities when they are sick.”

During the event, UN peacekeepers conducted demonstrations, including handwashing to equip the children with hygiene skills to prevent diseases.