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UNISFA Launches Internet Radio - The Voice of Peace

In a significant step toward promoting peace in Abyei Box, UNISFA has officially launched its internet radio - "The Voice of Peace."

The inaugural ceremony, held at the Mission headquarters, marked a crucial step as the radio " seeks to foster unity through informative and engaging content that delves into UNISFA’s engagement with the local community. "The Voice of Peace”, with a focus on providing news updates, impact stories, expert interviews and more, will be significant for connecting people from diverse backgrounds.

Acting Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Benjamin Olufemi Sawyerr, officiated the launch. He underscored the radio's role in disseminating vital information and promoting peace building efforts in Abyei.

“The need for radio cannot be overemphasized. It is the best means of reaching out to the community. Internet radio has no geographical boundaries and will enable people from far to connect with what the mission is doing,” said Maj Gen Sawyerr. "The Voice of Peace" will also serve as an avenue for countering mis/disinformation, fake news and hate speech.”

Listeners can tune in to the radio from any internet-enabled device, offering convenience and accessibility to a wide audience.

Follow the link to listen to our broadcasts: https://stream.radio.co/s259faacda/listen