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UNIFIL supports the Municipality of Shebaa with the construction of a healthcare facility for the Lebanese Red Cross

UNIFIL Civil Affairs Office, in cooperation with the Municipality of Shebaa and with the support of UNIFIL Indian peacekeepers, completed a Quick Impact Project (QIP) during the first phase of the construction of a new Red Cross Health Center in the south-eastern Lebanese village of Shebaa. This project will help the local authorities in providing social services to better serve the community. 

Over the past months, the implementation of this project faced several challenges and delays due to the economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon. Despite these adversities, the first floor, the staircase, and the roof cabin have been completed. 

This project will provide better working conditions for the Red Cross employees and volunteers while serving a community of about 20,000 residents from the Arkoub area. 

In light of the ongoing economic adversities, finalizing the construction has become a priority as well as a necessity in order to enable the Lebanese Red Cross to promptly assist the population of all seven Arkoub villages. To ensure the quick implementation of this project, the Government of India contributed with an additional US$ 25,000 in order to finalize the structure. 

The inauguration of the new Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) building is expected to take place by March 2021