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UNAMID organizes workshop on mediation and negotiation skills in West Darfur

Photo by Elsadig Daud, UNAMID.

UNAMID, in collaboration with the State Ministry of Social Affairs and the Commissioner for Women and Child Affairs, on 27 June 2018 concluded a three-day workshop on mediation and negotiation skills for 30 participants in El Geneina, West Darfur.

Organized by UNAMID’s Gender Advisory Unit (GAU) and Governance and Community Stabilization Section (GCSS), the workshop aimed to equip women with mediation and negotiation skills to enable them to contribute more effectively towards peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives in their communities.

Ms. Takako Ugaya, UNAMID representative, highlighted the workshop’s importance in equipping participants to manage and minimize the impact of conflict through practical tools and mechanisms, thus utilizing women’s untapped potential.  “Women, who are nurturers and preservers of life, naturally avoid violence. Negotiation and mediation require such actors, who genuinely try to resolve conflict by peaceful means,” she said.

In her remarks, Ms. Sakina El Hussein, State Commissioner for Women and Child Affairs, commended UNAMID efforts in building women’s capacity, while promoting their rights and supporting their organizations. She urged participants to share the acquired knowledge with their communities and contribute to enhancing peace and stability in society.

On his part El Hafiz Abdulhadi, Director-General in the Ministry of Social Affairs, noted that women’s central role in managing and resolving conflicts was neglected. “I believe it is time we acknowledge, apply and incorporate that role in conflict resolution among communities,” he said, while encouraging participants to use their newly acquired knowledge to benefit their communities.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Fatima Haroun said they had learnt about the concept, sources, types and root causes of conflicts, as well as, resolution mechanisms such as mediation, dialogue and  the traditional Judia. The workshop also covered negotiation skills, approaches, elements and styles.

“The group work, presentations and drama, helped to broaden our understanding of the various negotiation and mediation skills,” she said, adding that she had enjoyed the workshop, which was also attended by two men.