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UNAMID JSR addresses Sudan peace talks opening ceremony in Juba, South Sudan

Photo by Koné Mouroulaye, UNAMID

Juba, South Sudan 10 December 2019; Under the auspices of the Government of South Sudan, the third round of peace negotiations between the Transitional Government of Sudan and the armed movements represented by the Sudan Revolution Front (SRF) and Sudan People Liberation Movements- North of Abdul Aziz Alhilu and Malik Agar were launched in Juba, South Sudan. UNAMID Joint Special Representative/Joint Chief mediator (JSR/JCM), Mr. Jeremiah Mamabolo, Sudanese high-profile delegation led by Lt. General, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Deputy Head of the Sudan Transitional Sovereignty Council, officials from Government of South Sudan and representatives of diplomatic corps in Juba attended the opening ceremony to the talks.

Speaking at the opening session, JSR/JCM Jeremiah Mamabolo, extended his deep appreciation to the Government and people of the Republic of South Sudan for their decision and their courage to take the mantle to facilitate the peace negotiations, adding that the world fully expects all around the negotiating table to demonstrate the requisite leadership, courage and love for Sudan that would result in a positive outcome at the end of this long and cumbersome journey.

“We expect this third round of talks will be the last step in the long journey towards the search for peace, stability and sustainable development for Sudan,” Mamabolo emphasized.

Representatives of the armed movements who also spoke at the opening ceremony, commended the good spirit of the peace negotiations and embraced the resumption of the talks expressing their readiness to continue the talks and their optimism that this round will be decisive especially since the delegation from the Government of Sudan has demonstrated understanding and willingness to cooperate. They urged the regional and international community to continue assisting Sudan to address the challenges facing the transitional period.

The African Union and the Arab League representatives affirmed their support to Sudan’s peace talks and to Juba as the venue of the peace negotiations. They urged the parties to negotiate an agreement that puts an end to war and achieves the aspirations of the Sudanese people who are yearning for durable peace and stability that will facilitate much needed development in Sudan