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UNAMID hands over vehicles, containers and furniture to the Sudanese Police Force

Photo by Amin Ismail, UNAMID.

As part of UNAMID’s continued efforts to improve the capacity of the local police and law enforcement institutions in Darfur, the Mission on 13 November 2018 handed over 39 vehicles, 123 containers and furniture to the Sudanese Police Force (SPF).

The handover is in line with the Mission’s mandated activities to protect civilians and enhance the institutional capacity of the SPF in Darfur, as outlined in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2429 (2018).

Addressing guests at the handover ceremony, UNAMID Police Commissioner, Ms. Priscilla Makotose, said the gifted equipment was a significant gesture of the international community’s willingness to support the Sudanese police to ensure the sustenance of peace in Darfur.

“The handover of such equipment is important in supporting the SPF to re-establish its presence, enhance its capacity to carry out its duties, re-institute the enforcement of rule of law and effectively improve services to reach every corner of Darfur,” she said. Such support was essential as the police were the first responders in rule of law and the criminal justice system.

This view was echoed by UNAMID Police Chief of Operations, Yemane Asnesa, who said the Mission’s support towards capacity building, infrastructural and institutional development of the local police was vital for the sustenance of peace and security, protection of civilians and respect for human rights in Darfur.

“I believe that these gifts will be put to good use, insuring the visibility of the SPF in Darfur and enabling them to perform their constitutional duties in line with acceptable international standard of policing,” he said.

North Darfur Deputy Wali (Governor), Abdallah Musa, expressed appreciation to UNAMID for gifting the vehicles, containers and furniture to the SPF.

“This will increase the police’s capacity to provide security, thereby creating a conducive environment for the voluntary return of internally displaced people (IDP) to their villages of origin,” he said, adding that it would also contribute towards peace, stability and development in Darfur.

Major General Emad Khalaf Allah, SPF Director of International Cooperation, commended the cooperation between UNAMID and the national police force, particularly in the implementation of UNAMID’s exit strategy.

Since the Mission’s inception, UNAMID police have assisted the SPF through various initiatives, including capacity building of personnel and logistics support, to enable the local police to maintain internal security in Darfur.