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UNAMID facilitates community reconciliation conference Sortony, North Darfur

Photo by Adam Adam, UNAMID.

KABKABIYA – A reconciliation conference to resolve an impasse between local communities was held with UNAMID support in Kabkabiya, North Darfur on 24 May 2017.

The meeting aimed to resolve a dispute between a group of Nomads within the Sortony-Kube area and internally displaced persons (IDPs) at the Sortony gathering site that dates back to May 2016 and resulted in a number of deaths and injuries.  

Around 50 people took part, including representatives of the Native Administration in Kabkabiya locality, the Mahamid groups at Nertiti (Central Darfur) and Morou (Korma locality), and two Omdas from Wadi Umsount, north of Kabkabiya, along with Native Administration representatives of the Nomad and IDP communities.

Participants discussed the creation of concrete mechanisms to foster comprehensive peace at the Sortony gathering site and Kube water points. Empowering the Native Administration was viewed as an important contribution to tribal unity and peaceful co-existence.

Participants highlighted the importance of traditional conflict resolution mechanisms. A committee was formed to engage with the families of victims and progress a reconciliation agreement.

The community conference was organized by UNAMID’s Civil Affairs Section in partnership with the Kabkabiya Seasonal Prevention and Conflict Management Committee.

UNAMID plans to facilitate a further conference on social peace and peaceful co-existence between Nomad and IDP groups in the Sortony-Kube area. The event would identify root causes of the conflict and explore ways to reach a comprehensive peace agreement in the area.