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UN SLFs conduct training on human rights for rural courts judges and native administration in South Darfur

Photo by Rihab Hassan, UNAMID.

From 12 – 13 September 2019, the UN State Liaison Functions (SLFs) at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in South Darfur State in collaboration with the Judiciary in the State organized a two-day training workshop on human rights for heads and members of rural courts judges and native administration from across South Darfur localities.

About 29 members of native administration, rural court judges and native administration from Nyala town and all localities in South Darfur attended the training workshop aimed at raising the awareness of the participants on human rights and to enhance their capacity and understanding of national laws and acts relevant to the rural courts.  

During the workshop the participants received information on the international human rights convention, the national laws and acts related to rural courts and the civil and criminal jurisdiction of rural courts. They also elaborated on the issue of settling the sexual violence cases and rape of children cases by using local and traditional mechanisms out of the court. The workshop included a session on conflict resolution and conflict management mechanisms. 

The participants were reminded not to participate in any settlement of sexual violence and rape of children and should refer the cases to the specific or specialized courts.

Representative of UN SLFs Ms. Rihab Hassan commended the role of South Darfur State Judiciary in facilitating the implementation of the second batch training for the rural courts’ judges and native administration members from localities of South Darfur.

She highlighted the efforts of rural courts judges and native administration in providing justice, and the role of the native administration and rural court judges in places where there are no other law enforcement members. Ms. Hassan encouraged the participants to benefit from the workshop and pass on the knowledge they have acquired during the workshop to other members who did not attend. 

The chief justice of South Darfur State, Mr. Tajelsir Taifor, praised UNAMID efforts in promoting human rights and access to justice and encouraged the participants to apply the law, and not to use the custom and tradition when seeking justice.

The participants expressed their appreciations to SLFs, UNDP and the Judiciary in South Darfur for organizing the training.