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UN News 2018 Recap: In Case You Missed It

At UN News, 2018 kicked off with UNICEF’s “challenge” to all nations to make sure more newborns survive their first days of life by ensuring they are protected from treatable diseases as well as having access to proven, low-cost health solutions in their first months.

Since 1 January, UN News has covered everything that happens in and around the United Nations, bringing you stories about the impact of decisions made at UN Headquarters, in New York; our Offices at Geneva; Nairobi, and beyond; through to the lifesaving work of our peacekeeping missions and humanitarian operations around the globe.

We even went beyond the stratosphere, to cover the work the UN is doing to ensure that outer space is a resource for all humankind, and our coverage continues, every day.

In this special edition of ‘In Case You Missed It’, or #ICYMI, check out our multimedia coverage, with the top five most read, heard and watched news stories across our platforms.

For full coverage through the year, click here. And from all of us here, have a happy and successful 2019.

Stories 1. ‘Direct existential threat’ of climate change nears point of no return UN Photo/Eskinder DebebeSecretary-General António Guterres delivers a major speech on climate change at the UN Headquarters in New York. 10 September 2018.

10 September 2018 – The world risks crossing the point of no return on climate change, with disastrous consequences for people across the planet and the natural systems that sustain them, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned on Monday, calling for more leadership and greater ambition for climate action, to reverse course. Read more

, 2. Myanmar military leaders must face genocide charges 3. The Last Swiss Holocaust Survivors: Keeping the memory alive , 4. UN mourns death of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, ‘a guiding force for good’ 5. Four countries on track to graduate from UN list of least developed countries ,

Video 1. Governments adopt UN global migration pact to help ‘prevent suffering and chaos’

10 December 2018 – The Global Compact for Migration was adopted on Monday by leading representatives from 164 Governments at an international conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, in an historic move described by UN Chief António Guterres as the creation of a “roadmap to prevent suffering and chaos.” Watch here

, 2. ‘Defend the people, not the States’, says outgoing UN human rights chief 3. Mali: In Mopti, UN chief finds ‘a determination to fight for peace’ , 4. Babies born of rape, the legacy of Rohingya abuse in Myanmar 5. From low-earth orbit, ‘envoys’ of humanity join UN space forum ,

Audio 1. ‘Free, informed consent’ of Indigenous Peoples over land-use, is key UN Photo/Mark GartenTadodaho Sid Hill, Chief of the Onondaga Nation, delivers a ceremonial welcome to participants at the opening of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

27 April 2018 – The “free, informed consent” of Indigenous Peoples over how their historic territory is used, is a key demand arising from the latest UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which ended on Friday. That’s according to the chairperson of the Forum, Mariam Wallet Aboubakrine, who is a medical doctor from Mali, who told UN News how the two-week event had gone. Listen here

, 2. Digital innovation powering efforts to end refugee hunger 3. It’s ‘high time’ tech community tackled digital challenge together, says expert , 4. UN provides a ‘glimmer of hope’ for Israel Palestine conflict: Daniel Barenboim 5. World-beating athlete Paula Radcliffe, sets pace in global push for clean air