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Sustainable steps for lasting peace in Darfur focus of Khartoum conference

Photo by Ahmed Abdelrazik, UNAMID.

KHARTOUM – More than 350 people took part in the Darfur Internal Dialogue and Consultation (DIDC) Conference held in Khartoum this week, working together to identify sustainable steps for a lasting peace in Darfur.

Among the participants at the 30 October, UNAMID-supported meeting, were the Vice-President of Sudan, Hassabo Mohamed Abdurrahman, UNAMID Joint Special Representative, Jeremiah Mamabolo, and Chair of the DIDC Implementation Committee, Saddiq Adam Abdalla (Wadha).

Other participants included state government officials, native administrators and university authorities, along with representatives of civil society, women, youth groups, and the international community.

The DIDC is designed to consult local stakeholders to identify the root causes of the Darfur conflict, and highlight sustainable steps for lasting peace in Darfur. The main topics discussed included security, resettlement and compensation for IDPs, land ownership and use, restoration of the native administration, and a comprehensive peace agreement for Darfur.

Mr. Abdurrahman described the DIDC as a significant dialogue process for cohesion in Darfur and reiterated the Government’s commitment to implementing the DIDC. He urged all Darfur states and local administrators to make DIDC outcomes a priority.

Mr. Mamabolo thanked all stakeholders for making the DIDC a reality and challenged all leaders --  including government, political parties and signatory groups -- to be responsible for peace in Darfur. The Joint Special Representative reiterated UNAMID’s commitment to the DIDC, pledging to provide necessary technical and logistical support to the process, within the capabilities of the Mission. He welcomed the continued support of members of the diplomatic and international community to the DIDC process.