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SRSG Ziadeh meets UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Türk, discusses latest developments in Kosovo and human rights implications

On 29 November 2023, SRSG and Head of UNMIK, Caroline Ziadeh, met the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, in Geneva.

They discussed the latest developments in Kosovo and the human rights situation, particularly the freedom of movement, property rights, as well as liberty and dignity of the person.

“UNMIK remains committed to the promotion and protection of human rights as one of the key pillars of its trust-building agenda and will keep closely monitoring the human rights situation as an important early warning mechanism,” said Ziadeh.

“We will continue to focus on a victim-centred approach to transitional justice processes, advancing human rights education and rights of persons with disabilities, while also monitoring and reporting on hate speech in accordance with the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Rabat Action Plan.” 

SRSG Ziadeh further highlighted good cooperation between UNMIK and its international partners, in the promotion of human rights in Kosovo, including the Council of Europe.