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Special courts could aid peace process between warring groups in northern South Sudan

Anastasie Nyirigira, UNMISS Head of Field Office in Warrap, addresses a two-day peace conference in Kuacjok, South Sudan recently.

The establishment of a new special court to resolve cases of cattle raiding between communities in the northern regions of Warrap and Bahr El Ghazal could contribute to peacebuilding efforts, according to participants at a peace conference.

Political and religious leaders joined traditional chiefs and representatives of women’s, youth, and civil society groups at a two-day Border Peace Initiative in Kuacjok, sponsored by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The participants agreed on 13 resolutions designed to protect the interests of the communities that share an internal border, such as Twic, Tonj and Wau. The resolutions included a proposal to establish a joint court to deal with cattle rustling and theft. This would contribute to efforts to build durable peace in the area which has been devastated by ongoing intercommunal conflict between the Apuk and Aguok communities.