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Spanish and Ghanaian troops support local efforts in fighting COVID-19 spread

Spanish donation in the south-eastern village of Et Taibe. (UN Photo / Private Nerea Gonzalez Dasilva, UNIFIL Spanish Contingent)

UNIFIL’s Spanish and Ghanaian peacekeepers continued this past week their assistance to the host communities in south Lebanon in their collective fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On 7 December, the Spanish peacekeepers donated several medical supplies and personal protective rquipment (PPE) to Civil Defense Centres (CDCs) in the south-eastern villages of Marjayoun and Et Taibe. The donations will benefit a total of nine villages and state institutions.

Among the items donated to each CDC included sterilizer electrical and manual pumps, nano gun solution, disinfectant liquid for compressors, protective masks and suits, gloves, face shields, disinfectant liquid, chlorine solution and hydroalcoholic gel.

The support seeks to enhance local capabilities in preventing the spread of the highly infectious virus.

Similarly, on 4 December, UNIFIL Ghanaian peacekeepers donated medical consumables to the local clinics of the south-western village of Bayt Lif. The donated items included facemasks, hand sanitizer and handwashing soap.

The latest UNIFIL support in combating the ongoing health emergency also seeks to strengthen the bond between the Mission’s peacekeepers and local communities, which together with UNIFIL’s operational activities have helped keep calm in the Mission's area of operation for more than 14 years.