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SG Message on AFRICA DAY

Africa is a home for hope. On Africa Day, we celebrate the enormous promise and potential of this diverse and dynamic continent.

The prospects on the horizon are bright – from Africa’s growing and vibrant youth population, to initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area, the Decade of Women’s Financial and Economic Inclusion, and the African Union’s bold vision for the future, Agenda 2063.

But today, we are also reminded of the multiple challenges preventing Africa from reaching its full potential – including the COVID 19 pandemic and its devastating impact on African economies, climate change, unresolved conflicts, and a severe food crisis.  

To compound all this, the war in Ukraine is creating a perfect storm for developing countries, especially in Africa. This crisis is resulting in soaring costs for food, energy and fertilizer with devastating consequences on nutrition and food systems, while making it even more difficult for the continent to mobilize the financial resources needed to invest in its people.

The African Union has designated 2022 as the Year of Nutrition. On this year’s Africa Day, the world must join together in solidarity with all Africans to strengthen food security, and put nutrition within reach of every person.

We must also intensify our efforts to end the pandemic, reform the global financial system, stop climate change and silence the guns across all conflicts.

The United Nations will continue standing proudly with Africans as we work to deliver on the promise of a prosperous and peaceful Africa for all.