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Serbian specialists train LAF on first aid techniques in hostile environments

UNIFIL Photo / WO3 Salvatore Rizza

UNIFIL’s Serbian instructors specialized in first aid techniques have long been training Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) personnel, with the focus assisting those wounded in military operations.

Such training sessions – given by the instructors specialized in first aid techniques in hostile and operative environments – are split into theoretical and practical parts, with focused interactions in small groups and practical rescue simulations.

UNIFIL’s Serbian health personnel also carry out medical assistance activities for the local Lebanese population daily.

The Mission’s Serbian Contingent, with nearly 180 peacekeepers, is currently deployed with a company in the Sector East Headquarters, where the Command of the contingent is also based, and with a platoon in the Sector West Headquarters.

The Serbian Contingent has been deployed to UNIFIL, furthering peace in south Lebanon, since December 2014.

Besides training the LAF, UNIFIL Serbian peacekeepers carry out patrols and force protection duties.