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Seeking Peace: A new podcast series co-produced by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the Department of Peace Operations

Seeking Peace” explores women’s role in bringing lasting peace to communities - whether it be through grassroots activism, peace negotiations, journalism, politics, or as uniformed peacekeepers. 

On 24 October, the podcast series "Seeking Peace" launches on your favorite podcast platforms. The five-episode podcast series is created by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security in partnership with the United Nations Department of Peace Operations, Our Secure Future, and produced by Wonder Media Network.

The "Seeking Peace" podcast series explores the role of women around the world in bringing lasting peace to their communities. Women are too often seen as victims of conflict. But they are leaders and often unsung heroes. On this show, we bring you the stories of women breaking gender barriers and changing society.

Hosted by Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security Executive Director, Ambassador Melanne Verveer, the series portrays the voices of women peacebuilders, peacemakers, and peacekeepers in conflict-affected countries to advocate for their full, equal, and meaningful participation in peace and political processes in peacekeeping settings. 

From the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Cyprus, South Sudan to Kosovo, you’ll meet the mediators, activists, politicians and women in uniform, who are working tirelessly, not only to make their voices heard but to ensure the inclusion of the voices, priorities and leadership of women and girls across their communities. We will also hear from women leading the charge for peace at the highest level of international politics, the UN and experts and researchers in the field. 

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Season overview


Episode 1: The Daily Work of Building Peace 

  • Anny Tengamendite Modi (Democratic Republic of the Congo): Youth Advocate, African Women Leaders Network (AWLN) and Executive Director, Afia Mama (Women’s Health) organization
  • Meltem Burak (Cyprus): Media and communications professional and founder of the culture podcast ‘Sesta’ discussing the transformative power of arts and culture in peacebuilding.
  • Dr. Jessica Smith: Research and Policy Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security 

The first episode of the five-series “Seeking Peace” podcast explores the role women play in their local communities to build peace and create protective environments in changing societies. 

Episode 2: Women Negotiating Peace

  • Alokiir Malual (South Sudan): Chairperson of the South Sudan Civil Society Alliance and first woman signatory to the South Sudan Peace Agreement
  • Maiga Aziza Mint Mohamed (Mali): former Deputy Mayor of Timbuktu and Member of Parliament for Timbuktu 
  • Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee: UN Assistant Secretary-General for Africa

Episode two examines the role that women play as mediators and advocates in peace negotiations and in the implementation of peace agreements. 

Episode 3: Transforming Politics

  • Beatrice Epaye (Central African Republic): politician and educator, member of parliament 
  • Jeta Xharra (Kosovo): Award-winning TV host, journalist and director of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network 
  • Mireille Laurier Affa'A Mindzie: Senior Gender Advisor for the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Episode three examines the role that women play in transforming politics by pushing for policy changes and accountability, and advocating for better governance and women’s participation in politics.

Episode 4: Defying Gender Norms in Peacekeeping 

“Highlighting the extraordinary women whose work defies expectations of traditional gender roles in peacekeeping”

  • Téné Maimouna Zoungrana (Burkina Faso): Corrections Officer and Commander of the Rapid Response Team at the UN Mission Stabilization in the central african Republic (MINUSCA) Corrections Unit and Winner of the 2021 Women Trailblazer of the Year Award
  • Colonel Stephanie Tutton (USA): Chief, Policy and Doctrine, United Nations Office of Military Affairs
  • Dr. Robert Nagel: Research Fellow at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security

In all fields of peacekeeping, women peacekeepers have proven that they can perform the same roles, to the same standards, and under the same difficult conditions, as their male counterparts.Through their personal stories, we understand how their work challenges traditional gender roles in peacekeeping and contributes to fostering change inside peace operations and the host communities.

Episode 5: Leaders and Allies

  • Deputy UN Military Adviser Brig. Gen. Maureen O’Brien
  • Dr. Robert Egnell, Senior Fellow with the Security Studies Program at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security

As two individuals with backgrounds in military study – one a military officer and the other an expert in gender perspectives in the military – the two guests engage in a robust discussion on the challenges of navigating a male-dominated field. Tune in as we hear about the struggle to achieve meaningful gender parity and the damaging effects of stereotypes.