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Secretary-General's video message to the International Conference to Support the Sudanese Transition

17 May 2021

[Watch the video on webtv.un.org]

I thank France for hosting today’s Conference.

We have a responsibility to help Sudan consolidate its democratic transition.

Rebuild its economy.

And deliver sustainable peace and development for all its diverse society.

I commend the Government of Sudan for undertaking difficult economic reforms.

These mark major milestones on the country’s path to resilience and progress.

The Sudanese people have suffered for too long.

I also commend the Government for its peacemaking efforts with the signatories and non-signatories of the Juba Peace Agreement, and its determination to establish the rule of law, broaden the civic space and ensure inclusivity for all its citizens.

Today’s Conference is part of ongoing efforts to bring Sudan back into the international community.

Generous donor support will be instrumental for Sudan to achieve debt relief under the Highly-Indebted Poor Country Initiative.

I commend those countries which have assisted Sudan in clearing its arrears with the International Financial Institutions. 

Continued support from Sudan’s friends and partners is critical.

If financial assistance and investments are not forthcoming, the continued dire economic situation could severely affect Sudan's transition, with negative consequences for peace and stability in the country, the region and beyond.

This meeting is an important opportunity to demonstrate international will to help the country turn the page on this economic crisis.

Sudan needs investment and a sustained commitment to rebuilding, including from the private sector.

It has regained eligibility for funding from the International Financial Institutions, which provides an important foundation for Sudan’s economic revival.

Sudan is undergoing a historic political and economic transformation.   

I call on donors and businesses to make a bold investment in Sudan’s peaceful and sustainable future.

Thank you.