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Protecting and serving : MINUSMA Force Commander visits Kabara village

A hundred women, men, and children from the village of Kabara (Timbuktu region), benefited from a free medical consultation by the MINUSMA Force, on May 6, 22. Provided by the MINUSMA level II hospital Nigerian contingent, this session allowed vulnerable people to be treated without having to travel all the way to Timbuktu.


This civil-military activity was held during a patrol in which the MINUSMA  Force Commander, Lieutenant-General Cornelis Johannes MATTHIJSSEN, met with the Chief of the village of Kabara, Mahamane BOUBAJE, and gave him a donation of solar kits.


General MATTHIJSSEN was on a trip to the Timbuktu region where recent attacks by armed terrorist groups took place in Goundam, Diré, Tonka, Niafunké and Sompi. To ensure the security and protection of the civilian population in the region, the pace of MINUSMA's military operations, in close coordination with the FAMa, has been increased.