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Our Close Cooperation Continues

Following UNIFIL’s mandate renewal on 31 August 2022, our peacekeepers remain committed to security and stability in south Lebanon and continue to work closely with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), as we have done since the passing of SCR 1701 (2006).

Out in the eastern part of UNIFIL’s area of operations the Indian Battalion (INDBATT) conducted one of their regular joint patrols with the LAF. The patrol was one of many scheduled patrols previously coordinated between UNIFIL and LAF.

Brig Gen Ignacio Olazábal Elorz, Commander of the Spanish Battalion (SPANBATT) and of UNIFIL’s eastern sector joined this patrol to support and commend the close working relationship between UNIFIL contingents and the Lebanese Armed Forces. General Olazábal also wanted to visit and motivate the Indian Peacekeepers who are stationed at UN observation posts in some of the most isolated and rugged regions of south Lebanon.

The LAF soldiers in this joint patrol with UNIFIL were commanded by Lt Col Tanios el Haber and the INDBATT Peacekeepers by Colonel Sujay Kumar, who took the opportunity to report on the current situation in the in the eastern part of the area of operations.

General Olazábal thanked the peacekeepers and the LAF soldiers for their work, dedication, and effort in the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1701, maintaining peace and stability in south Lebanon.

UNIFIL has always had the mandate to undertake patrols in its area of operations, with or without the Lebanese Armed Forces. As always, our operational activities, including patrols, continue to be coordinated with the Lebanese Army.