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MINUSMA Peacekeepers assist the communities of Anefis and Tanbankort in Kidal and Gao regions

As part of the military Operations Seka and Trailblazer, the Bangladeshi contingent of MINUSMA Force organized several civil-military activities from May 18 to 22 in of Anefis and Tabankort towns.

To maintain good relations and dialogue with the local population, the Bangladeshi peacekeepers held meetings with the local authorities of Anefis and Tanbankort. The security situation and the needs of the population were at the heart of the discussions. The population felt heard.

In addition to the meetings, free medical consultations were organized for the communities. About a hundred patients including women and children suffering from various pathologies were treated by the Bangladeshi medical team. Medicines were also distributed to the population.

In addition to the medicines, school kits were given to the families of school children in the localities of Anefis and Tabankort.

On behalf of the populations of these localities, the chief of the village of Anefis expressed his gratitude for this action by the MINUSMA Force. "We are delighted with these various activities which have enabled the most vulnerable of our two villages to receive free medical assistance and care," he said.