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MINUSCA Categorically Refutes Allegations of Supplying Armed Groups with Weapons and Ammunitions

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) categorically rejects recent allegations printed in the article: "Paoua: MINUSCA caught in the act of supplying elements of General Bahar with arms and ammunitions." The article – which was published by the newspapers Le Démocrate on Wednesday January 3rd (No. 4053) and L’Expansion on Thursday January 4th (No. 908) – is factually inaccurate. MINUSCA asserts unequivocally that it did not and has never supplied weapons, arms, ammunitions, or any other military equipment to General Bahar or any affiliated armed groups.

MINUSCA condemns the publication of these unsubstantiated claims and emphasizes the serious consequences these false allegations create for our peacekeepers serving in Central African Republic. The circulation of this inflammatory disinformation undermines the standing of MINUSCA personnel within the communities they serve, jeopardizing their safety and impeding their ability to protect and assist vulnerable populations.

MINUSCA is disappointed and deeply concerned that Le Démocrate and L’Expansion amplified claims originating from a private blog, without further verification from reliable sources, and without first providing MINUSCA the opportunity to respond and refute. This practice is inconsistent with core journalistic ethics.

Finally, MINUSCA takes seriously any action that interferes with its ability to fulfil its mandate in the Central African Republic. To that end, MINUSCA reserves the right to engage the state communication authorities in order to initiate appropriate action.