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On 02 June, MINURSO celebrated Italy’s National Day by raising its flag at the Mission headquarters in Laayoune next to the UN flag. On this day, Italy marks the historical day that commemorates the institutional referendum of 1946 when Italians were called to take a vote and decide the form of their government after World War II. It is commemorated with official ceremonies, speeches, concerts, and parades across the country, with a hallmark military parade celebration taking place in the capital city of Rome that is broadcast worldwide and can be enjoyed by all.

Italian women and men have served as United Nations peacekeepers for decades since the first Italian deployment of peacekeepers in 1979. Italy is a supplier of military personnel and police force among EU nations, serving in a number of different peacekeeping missions worldwide including MINURSO.

Italy also hosts a United Nations Logistics Base in Brindisi that provides logistics support to all UN peacekeeping operations in its role as a “Global Service Centre”, including in information science and telecommunications. It is also emerging as a center of excellence and innovation in managing the environmental impact of UN operations.

Italy’s flag consists of three strips: Green symbolizes social equality, freedom, and hope; red represents love and charity and acknowledges the blood spilled in the formation of the nation; and white traditionally symbolizes faith. It also recalls the white snow-capped Alps.

Buona festa della repubblica!