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Italian blue helmets celebrate Italian National Day in Lebanon.

UNIFIL’s Italian Aviation headquarters in Naqoura was a fitting setting for the 71st Anniversary of the Italian Republic. The day was commemorated by UNIFIL’s Italian contingents, with the presence of Mr. Imran RIZA, Deputy Head of Mission, and the Italian Contingent Commander in Naqoura, Colonel Giovanni Maria SCOPELLITI. 

The day saw a series of activities that highlighted the capability and effectiveness of UNIFIL peacekeepers such as the "Italair" Task Force. One activity done in collaboration with UNIFIL French peacekeepers (AMET TEAM), was a demonstration of an emergency casualty evacuation by air from a combat zone(CASEVAC). These types of integrated collaborations show the reason for joint training in an international context.

During the Open Day, visitors were able to put themselves in the pilot’s chair, having fun with a flying simulator in a helicopter booth.

UNIFIL’s ITALAIR Task Force has been deployed in south Lebanon since 1979. It is a strategic asset of UNIFIL, carrying out a range of responsibilities. The unit has a Quick Reaction Force ready to take off in just 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, with the ability to deploy anywhere in the Area of Operations.

Like all UNIFIL peacekeepers, the Italian Blue helmets operate in full respect of the mandate assigned by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 in order to monitor the cessation of hostilities, and support the Lebanese Armed Forces in securing a safe and stable environment for the communities living in south Lebanon.