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Health Awareness Campaign in Torit marks International Day for UN Peacekeepers

Health Awareness Campaign in Torit marks International Day for UN Peacekeepers

In Freedom Square, the town’s social center, over 180 locals gathered to participate in a health awareness campaign organized by the UNMISS Field Office in Eastern Equatoria.  The day was abuzz with activity, as many women lined up outside the tent curious and eager to participate, in a full-day campaign featuring a medical service camp. 

The health awareness event was held as part of a series of activities carried out to mark the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers under the theme “Investing in Peace Around the World”. Torit’s event was specifically designed to not only instill a commitment of wellbeing among the local population, but also to foster trust and confidence in the work of the UN being carried out in and around the greater Eastern Equatoria region.

Dr. Joseph Sibomana of the Rwanbatt Company in Torit led the day’s activities assisted by a team of four peacekeepers who provided a number of medical checks, ranging from blood pressure reading and monitoring, awareness raising on HIV prevention, to other general medical advice to local community members throughout the course of the day.

Mr.  Okwahi Robert, was amongst the many who came to have a blood pressure reading.  Expressing his appreciation for the medical camp and all the services on offer, “I’m very proud to see so many people here, he said.

Imotong State Deputy Governor, Dr Margaret Itto, also conveyed her gratitude at a time of crisis when people are unable to afford treatment.  Governor Itto thanked UNMISS, stating “this is  not the first time we are collaborating on matters of health. UNMISS’ health staff have been of great help. When there are emergencies, we call upon them and they respond,” said the Governor.

The event also included a sports tournament, which brought together peacekeepers and local athletes to play friendly matches of football and volleyball, as well as a wreath laying ceremony at the UN compound in Torit. These activities highlighted the dedication of UNMISS to serve the people of South Sudan in an effort towards building a peaceful future.