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In February 2019, we thanked Ghana for their service and sacrifice


UN News feature: For Ghana, UN peacekeeping is a ‘noble opportunity to serve humanity’

Ghanaian men and women have served as United Nations peacekeepers since the early 1970s, participating in operations that stretched from the Sinai to the African continent. The West African Nations is now among the top  10 contributors to UN peacekeeping, with nearly 3,000 personnel serving on eight missions.

UN Photo story: Honouring Ghana’s service to UN peacekeeping

Ghana first deployed troops as part of a UN peacekeeping operation set up to help restore calm and order in the then Republic of Congo (ONUC). Pictured here are Ghanaian police on duty in Leopoldville in August  1960.

UN Video: Thank you Ghana - UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

In numbers: Ghanaian peacekeepers deploy to thirteen missions

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