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Deployment Review Mobile App

The good practices and lessons developed by those previously deployed are essential not only to training and preparation, but also to the development and implementation of tactics, techniques, and procedures of future military contingent and formed police unit (FPU) personnel.

All successes and failures offer vital opportunities to learn and improve. At all levels of any organization there is a responsibility to come together and share experiences and lessons learned. This collective responsibility must be driven by the willingness of senior leadership to commit to continuous learning and knowledge sharing. 

Sharing experiences and lessons learned is especially critical in complex and rapidly evolving operational environments including United Nations peace operations. In such cases, learning and improving upon previous experiences is vital to ensuring the safety and security of all personnel as well as effectively delivering the operational mandate. 

The Deployment Review mobile app is the first mobile application specifically designed by the United Nations to make a knowledge sharing methodology accessible to all military and police personnel, training centres and academies. Users can capture, analyse, review the successes, innovations and challenges from their operational experiences, to improve and optimize training, preparation, and support of their future deployments. 

The Deployment Review mobile app is an effective, secure, and user-friendly way to optimize your knowledge sharing practices and can complement existing information-sharing systems; it will serve as a blueprint for systems that are yet to be developed. 

The Deployment Review mobile app is produced by the United Nations Light Coordination Mechanism (LCM) of the United Nations Department of Peace Operations (DPO) with the support of the United Nations Department of Operational Support (DOS) and the Department of Global Communications (DGC).

For more information, please contact: dpo-lcm-toolkitfeedback@un.org

The Deployment Review mobile app