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Combating Terrorism, International Crime and Transnational Organized Crime: A Special Judicial Unit Deploys Criminal Analysis Software

The fight against impunity for crimes related to terrorism, international crime and transnational organized crime remains a priority for Malian authorities, who have recently received specialized state-of-the-art software to assist them in their mission.


From April 10 to 21, MINUSMA coordinated the installation of the goCASE software at the headquarters of the Special Investigations Brigade (BIS), part of the Judicial Unit for Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime (PJS). 


The software, developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and acquired by MINUSMA through a generous contribution from the Netherlands to the Trust Fund for Peace and Security in Mali amounting to $ 277,486, consists of an investigative file management and analysis system; designed to fulfill the requirements of government agencies responsible for law enforcement, investigation, intelligence as well as judicial proceedings.


With the software installed and operational, 12 BIS staff members then benefitted from a specialized training to master the new system. This innovative tool stores data and produces detailed statistics, that will be used by investigators to draw links between data points and establish hypotheses that can then facilitate the investigations process and support both prosecutors and investigating judges as they handle judicial cases.


This initiative is part of a joint project led by MINUSMA and UNODC in support of the PJS; the competent judicial investigation and prosecution body that has exclusive national jurisdiction for crimes such as terrorism, transnational organized crime and —as of 2019— also international crimes, including crimes against humanity and war crimes. 


This IT tool will greatly assist Malian authorities to advance the fight against impunity for the most serious crimes. Yet it will also contribute to preventing them, by facilitating the dismantling of criminal and terrorist networks.