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Clean water flows in Tambura with twenty new water points, thanks to UNMISS

More than 30,000 households in the Tambura area may thirst no more, thanks to numerous clean water points that have been built by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

“I am very happy today. I can’t imagine that this point is next to my house, because I used to walk a distance to fetch water. But today I will enjoy; I call it the grace of God on me,” said a ululating elderly woman, Joyce Nabugo, during the launch of one of the water points.

“I am happy now, because before we used to walk five miles to fetch water from the river for domestic use but today I will come here to get a clean water,” said one little girl, Nana Anaku, as she celebrated the end of her long and dangerous daily journeys to the Nambia River to fetch water.

Joyce and Nana are just two of thousands of mainly internally displaced people from Namotina County and refuges from the Central African Republic, who will be benefiting from this project that that has seen twenty new water points spring up in different parts of Tambura.

The project was funded and implemented by UNMISS’ Relief, Reintegration and Protection program in collaboration with a local non-governmental organization called Rural Development Action Aid, to mitigate the risks that come with residents, especially women and girls, having to travel long distances to find water.

“I want to say that today people in this area will not go far to fetch water anymore,” said Mr. Mboribamu Renzi, Tambura county paramount chief, appreciating the work done by UNMISS. “Really, this water point kiosk is vital to these communities here,” he said.

Also present at the launch of the projects, was Mr. Andriano Tabanzia, Director General in the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure in Tambura, and the area Governor’s representative.  

“I am glad to be here for inauguration of this great job done by UNMISS,” said Mr. Tabanzia, committing himself to protect the water points. “So, I want to assure you that we in the government will provide any kind of support for these water points in order to secure it from being spoilt,” he said.

For John Baabe, another resident who is lucky to now find himself living next to one of the water points, the project has brought him more than just water. He was immediately appointed by the local community to work as a guard for the water point at which the inaugural ceremony took place.

“I never imagined that one day I would find myself in front of such a thing in my house,” he said excitedly. “Anyway, I have to thank God first, and thank you UNMISS for reducing our suffering. Again, I want to ask my fellow residents to please help to keep this water kiosk work for a long time, so that we enjoy this free water,” he said.