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People for Peace

More than one million peacekeepers have served for peace under the UN flag, but they are not alone in the pursuit of peace. Peacekeeping is powered by strong and diverse partnerships. In this series of first-person narratives, we bring you the voices of peacekeepers and partners across the world.

Read and share their stories


Mame Rokhaya Lo on empowering women in Ituri, DRC


Téné Maimouna Zoungrana on breaking gender barriers in the prison and corrections field


Delu Lusambia on supporting victims of sexual exploitation and abuse in the DRC


People for Peace: Rachel Adau Gieu, on women’s rights in South Sudan


People for Peace: Major Kakule Kapitu Jean Marie on positive masculinity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Rem Sreypy on demining in south Lebanon


Captain Deepak Kumar on the importance of partnerships in multi-national peacekeeping


People for Peace: Likiso Irene Lasu Silwa, from fleeing war to building peace, one show at a time


People for Peace: Gender Affairs Officer Lauren McAlister on building partnerships to advance women’s participation in Cyprus


People for Peace: From weaving recycled bags to preventing violence against women, Jeanne d’Arc believes in the power of one