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Troop and Police Contributions

Troop and Police Contributions

UN police and military personnel are "contributed" to serve under the blue flag from over 100 countries to carry out the mandates defined by the Security Council. Military operations aim to protect populations against threats and contribute to a secure environment. Policing is central in preventing, mitigating and resolving violent conflict and contributing to early peacebuilding and reconciliation. Uniformed personnel are contributed and deployed under several different types of arrangements.

We have presented some troop and police contributors data on our website. To delve deeper you can analyze the data sets here and answer questions such as: Which countries are increasingly participating over the past decades? Which countries have declined in their participation? Which countries are promoting the development of more sustainable peace by contributing female troops and police?   

Common Terms 

  • Staff Officer: Those Contingent Personnel who are generated, deployed and travelled in an individual capacity upon nomination by a Permanent Mission and selection by the Office of Military Adviser, to perform specialized functions at the Force Headquarters or integrated military, civilian or police structure.
  • Formed Police Unit (FPU): Cohesive mobile police units, providing support to United Nations operations and ensuring the safety and security of United Nations personnel and missions, primarily in public order management.
  • Individual Police Officer (IPO): Police or other law enforcement personnel assigned to serve with the United Nations on secondment by Member States at the request of the Secretary-General.
  • Military Personnel: All military contingents and individual military officers serving in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions or Special Political Missions, including Military Liaison Officers, Military Observers and military staff officers.
  • Police Personnel: All United Nations police officers serving in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions or Special Political Missions, including Specialized Police Teams, Formed Police Units and Individual Police Officers.

Definition of the Uniformed Contributions by Rank Data

The Peacekeeping Uniformed Contributions by Rank of Troop- or Police-Contributing Country, provides an update as of end of last calendar month:

  • Associated with unique ID
  • Country ISO Code
  • M49 DESA code
  • Country Name of Troop or Police Contributing country
  • Rank for the Month
  • Number of male uniformed personnel
  • Number of female uniformed personnel
  • Monthly Report Date

Definition of the Uniformed Contributions by Gender Data

The Peacekeeping Uniformed Contributions by Gender Data, as of end of last calendar month, is :

  • Associated with unique ID
  • Country ISO Code of Troop- or Police-Contributing Country
  • M49 DESA code for relevant country
  • Country Name of Troop- or Police-Contributing country
  • Mission Acronym
  • Description of uniformed category
  • Gender
  • Monthly Report Date

This data set will be updated monthly.



DATE RANGE:   Active Missions




DATE RANGE:   Active Missions



UN M.49 is a standard for area codes used by the United Nations for statistical purposes, developed and maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division. Each area code is a 3-digit number which can refer to a wide variety of geographical, political, or economic regions, like a continent, a country, or a specific group of developed or developing countries.

ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes are three-letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to represent countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest.

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