UNAMIR was established by Security Council resolution 872 (1993) of 5 October 1993 to help implement the Arusha Peace Agreement signed by the Rwandese parties on 4 August 1993. UNAMIR's mandate was: to assist in ensuring the security of the capital city of Kigali; monitor the ceasefire agreement, including establishment of an expanded demilitarized zone and demobilization procedures; monitor the security situation during the final period of the transitional Government's mandate leading up to elections; assist with mine-clearance; and assist in the coordination of humanitarian assistance activities in conjunction with relief operations.

After renewed fighting in April 1994, the mandate of UNAMIR was adjusted by Security Council resolution 912 (1994) of 21 April 1994, so that it could act as an intermediary between the warring Rwandese parties in an attempt to secure their agreement to a ceasefire; assist in the resumption of humanitarian relief operations to the extent feasible; and monitor developments in Rwanda, including the safety and security of civilians who sought refuge with UNAMIR.

After the situation in Rwanda deteriorated further, UNAMIR's mandate was expanded by Security Council resolution 918 (1994) of 17 May 1994, to enable it to contribute to the security and protection of refugees and civilians at risk, through means including the establishment and maintenance of secure humanitarian areas, and the provision of security for relief operations to the degree possible.

Following the ceasefire and the installation of the new Government, the tasks of UNAMIR were further adjusted by the Security Council to ensure stability and security in the north-western and south-western regions of Rwanda; to stabilize and monitor the situation in all regions of Rwanda to encourage the return of the displaced population; to provide security and support for humanitarian assistance operations inside Rwanda; and to promote, through mediation and good offices, national reconciliation in Rwanda.

By resolution 997 (1995) of 9 June 1995, the Council decided to further adjust the mandate of UNAMIR so that it would exercise its good offices to help achieve national reconciliation; assist the Government of Rwanda in facilitating the voluntary and safe return of refugees and their reintegration in their home communities, and, to that end, to support the Government of Rwanda in its ongoing efforts to promote a climate of confidence and trust through the performance of monitoring tasks throughout the country with military and police observers; support the provision of humanitarian aid, and of assistance and expertise in engineering, logistics, medical care and demining; assist in the training of a national police force; contribute to the security in Rwanda of personnel and premises of United Nations agencies, of the International Tribunal for Rwanda, including full-time protection for the Prosecutor's Office, as well as those of human rights officers, and to contribute also to the security of humanitarian agencies in case of need.

By resolution 965 (1994) of 30 November 1994, UNAMIR was specifically asked to contribute to the security in Rwanda of personnel of the International Tribunal for Rwanda and of human rights officers, and to assist in the establishment and training of a new, integrated, national police force.

On 12 December 1995, the Security Council, by its resolution 1029 (1995) , further adjusted UNAMIR's mandate to focus primarily on facilitating the safe and voluntary return of refugees, and, as an interim measure, contributing, with the agreement of the Government of Rwanda, to the protection of the International Tribunal for Rwanda.

The mandate of UNAMIR officially came to an end on 8 March 1996. The withdrawal of the Mission was completed in April 1996.


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