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   United Nations Good Offices Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan
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The United Nations Good Offices Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan (UNGOMAP) was established on 15 May 1988 in accordance with the letter dated 25 April 1988 from the President of the Security Council addressed to the Secretary-General, with the purpose to assist the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General to lend his good offices to the parties in ensuring the implementation of the Agreements on the Settlement of the Situation Relating to Afghanistan (the Geneva Accords) and in this context to investigate and report possible violations of any of the provisions of the Agreements.

The mandate of UNGOMAP was derived from the Accords and included the monitoring of (1) non-interference and non-intervention by the parties in each other's affairs; (2) the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan; and (3) the voluntary return of refugees. Having fulfilled its tasks, UNGOMAP ceased operations on 15 March 1990.

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