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UNAMID organizes interactive installations and a photo exhibition in El Fasher, North Darfur

Photo by Mohamad Almahady, UNAMID.

On 24 to 25 April 2018, UNAMID’s Communication and Public Information Section organized a peaceful coexistence festival as well as a photo exhibition with interactive installations of a traditional Darfuri village at the Mission’s headquarters in El Fasher, North Darfur. The event was held under the theme “Together for Peace.”

The activities also included traditional songs by local musicians, performances by cultural groups while renowned Sudanese musician Shomoos Ibrahim sang peace songs. 


 Additionally, participants of the UNAMID-facilitated Darfuri Women Talking Peace campaign signed a peace pledge. Other attractions included a local handicrafts market where women’s groups put up their creations for sale. Information and educational materials were distributed among the attendees as well. 


Speaking on the occasion, Fayiha Karameldin, Presidential Commissioner for Women and Children in North Darfur, expressed the government’s readiness to collaborate with UNAMID to work for development and peaceful coexistence in Darfur


In his remarks, Carlos Araujo, Chief, Communications and Public Information, UNAMID,stated that the objectives of the Mission’s outreach activities is to sensitize local populations about UNAMID’s interventions across Darfur. 

On her part, Musi Khumalo, Head, UNAMID Publications and Multimedia explained the event is an opportunity for the local community to interact with UNAMID staff and thanked the women from Abu Shouk and Al Salam displaced persons camps as well as women representatives from the Development Centre, who participated in the exhibition.


Finally, Nafisa Ismail, displaced women’s representative,called upon all people of Darfur to work for peace and stability and urged all the non-signatory movements to join the peace process.“Any step we take without peace will not be a step forward and any development without peace will not be fruitful,” stated Ms. Ismail.