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UNAMID concludes second COVID-19 prevention and peaceful co-existence awareness campaign in Central Darfur

Photo by SUDO.

Zalingei, 12 July 2020- UNAMID’s Governance and Community Stabilization Section (GCSS), in collaboration with the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO), successfully concluded the implementation of a second COVID-19 prevention and peaceful co-existence awareness raising campaign  which targeted six villages in the rural areas in Zalingei locality, central Darfur. The project, implemented from 24 June to 8 July, reached over 6,600 residents, including 1,045 members of the nomadic community residing in Damras and Farigs (Arab settlements) and up to 170 returnee households.

The campaign sensitized the targeted communities about the risks associated with COVID-19 and how to prevent and mitigate the spread of the virus through house-to-house awareness visits, dissemination of the Sudanese Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 protocols, leaflets and posters, distribution of soap, distribution of face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical personnel at four clinics situated in the project implementation areas.

Furthermore, the campaign included the delivery of peace messaging on the need to jointly address the concerns and challenges of the nomadic and settled communities in order to promote peaceful co-existence, in line with the GCSS mandate. Additionally, the campaign also targeted women who are caretakers of families and are more receptive to information about preventing the spread of the virus.

UNAMID’s Chief of the Governance and Community Stabilization Section (GCSS), Zurab Elzarov described the project as a successful model of linking the COVID-19 prevention activities with promoting peace and reconciliation in conflict affected areas. “Based on the successful implementation of the two COVID-19 prevention projects in Zalingei locality, GCSS is commencing three new projects - one in Saraf Umra locality, north Darfur, one in El Geneina locality, west Darfur and a third one in Jebel Marra locality, Central Darfur”, added Mr. Elzarov.

The awareness raising campaign on COVID-19 will also be combined with spreading the messages of peace, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence between different community groups, especially in El Geneina and Jebel Marra localities which have been and continue to be affected with intercommunal conflicts.