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South Sudanese students’ celebrate Day of the African Child on UN radio

South Sudanese students’ celebrate Day of the African Child on UN radio

To celebrate the Day of the African Child, 30 students from schools across Juba took control of the UN Mission in South Sudan’s Radio Miraya. The students aged between 15 and 18 years hosted the radio’s prime shows such as the Morning Breakfast Show and the Drive Time, they read the news in English and Arabic, and were trained in photography and videography.

Live on the UN radio, which has coverage across South Sudan, the students shared their views on the challenges faced by children in South Sudan, steps which can be taken to eliminate their plight, and the need to ensure that the rights of children are realized.

Ayat Sandra Dominic, 18, had a one-on-one interview with UNMISS Special Representative of the Secretary General, David Shearer, on the rights of children in South Sudan and the mandate of UNMISS on the protection of children.

“Every day should be children’s day, not just one day” said SRSG Shearer. “We [the United Nations] are here every day not just today.”

“I would like to wish everyone a happy Day of the African Child,” said SRSG Shearer. 

Maha Ibrahim Akasha, 15, said that she enjoyed spending the day at the radio station and loved the fast pace that journalists work in.

“Before today, I wanted to be a doctor but after entering Miraya I want to be a journalist. I liked being live on air and being the master of the show,” said Maha.

Maha urged all children in Africa to work hard to achieve their dreams and not to give up.

“Do not hide your talents, put them on the table and work hard to bring out the best,” said Maha.