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Rwandan peacekeepers awarded UN medals for service

Rwandan peacekeepers awarded UN medals for service

Looking sharp in their military uniforms, men and women from the Rwanda Aviation Unit 5 (RAU 5) stood proudly as they were awarded UN Medals in recognition of their service.

In a jubilant ceremony, the United Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General (Political), Moustapha Soumaré, thanked the Government of Rwanda for its commitment to the UN mission and to the people of South Sudan.

“The performance of the Rwanda Aviation Unit is critical to the success of UNMISS,” said Soumaré.

In a country where some areas are impossible to reach by road due to poor networks, heavy rains and the desperate security situation, the Deputy SRSG acknowledged the essential flight services provided by RAU.

“Contributions made by RAU should set an example for others to emulate,” said the Deputy SRSG. “A fact that RAU can be proud of.”

Soumaré paid particular tribute to the eight Rwandan female peacekeepers in a contingent of 165, highlighting the need for more UN female peacekeepers to be deployed to UNMISS.

“The role and contribution of female personnel is crucial in a place like South Sudan,” he said.

During their year of service, the unit has transported over 13,000 UN and African Union personnel, including medical evacuations, facilitated in the rotation of troops and airlifted 1,359 tonnes of cargo across the UN mission area in South Sudan.

The ceremony was attended by UN dignitaries including UNMISS Force Commander, Lt Gen Frank Kamanzi and Military Advisor  from UN headquarters , Lt. Gen. Carlos Loitey.

Rwanda currently deploys over six thousand UN peacekeepers around the world, including 2,288 in the UN mission in South Sudan.

The unit will complete their duty on 31 August 2017.