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Mongolian peacekeepers provide much-needed medical care to communities in Unity

Mongolian peacekeepers providing free healthcare in remote village in the Unity region.

Angelina Chol has been suffering from a skin infection for more than a year.

Having left the United Nations Protection of Civilians in Bentiu in 2017 to return to her home in Kuerboni, she had no access to medical care and no means to travel back to Bentiu.

However, the 32-year-old was one of more than 330 patients who received free treatment from Mongolian peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, after they established a temporary mobile clinic in the area. 

“Suddenly we were informed that a UN medical team was coming to treat us, I was very excited when they treated me, and I am now very healthy,” said Angelina Chol.

With no access to medical care, schools, and clean drinking water, life in Kuerboni and Manga villages in the Unity region of South Sudan has not been easy for the residents, most of whom were displaced and have just returned home in the wake of the peace deal.

The free mobile health clinic operated by the Mongolian contingent provided some relief for residents in desperate need of medical care. The UN peacekeepers are also training more than 60 community members on how to handle first-aid and to treat minor diseases in future. T

he peacekeepers previously treated more than 400 people in the village of Pariang.

“I have no words to thank UNMISS for sending us doctors, only God can reward them,” said Biel Yom Deng. “I was unable to do something for my family because of sickness and, as you can see, now after taking these medicines, I feel good.”

Residents hope that basic services will soon be restored in the area so they can enjoy a more comfortable life.

“I hope our leaders can understand our suffering,” said Maker Riay Gatkek.  “If peace comes completely, our clinic, schools and water pump will be rebuilt, and we will not suffer again.”